The West Norwalk Meeting House

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The West Norwalk Meeting House sits at the center of historic West Norwalk, Connecticut. Constructed in 1868, the Meeting House has served as a community gathering spot and resource for generations.

This charming piece of history is one of the few that remain in our neighborhood. Please help us maintain and preserve this beautiful building.

It needs serious repairs. The roof has begun to leak, and the interior is deteriorating. The in-ground oil tank must be relocated to the cellar for safety reasons. To make the building more useful, we'd like to install a driveway so attendees can park away from the street. Finally, both the interior and exterior need repainting.

Please help us save The Meeting House and let it continue to be a place where people from Norwalk can gather and see their neighbors. Once we can make these repairs, we will be able to once again share its wonderful flavor with the neighbors for community events and an inexpensive rental for your family and friends.

Fall Cleanup Coming Soon!

Help us tidy up the Meeting House grounds on November 16th 2019 at 1pm.

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The Meeting House

The last standing public structure in the community of West Norwalk, the meeting house has been used continuously for over 150 years.
The meeting house was built to be a house of worship – it was miles to any church, by horse or by foot in those days  – built with wood very likely milled in the local mills along the Five Mile River  – built by residents of the area

They called themselves the West Norwalk Christian Union Association and the building was a chapel, a place for worship for four local Protestant denominations.  It was also -from the start – a community gathering place

Our Benefactors

The West Norwalk Meeting House Society would like to thank the following members for their generous donations:
• Tom and Carol Aikenhead
• Eric Rasmussen
• John Donahue
• Wilder Gleason & Jennifer Boyd
• Sheila and Jack Callahan
• Mike Heneberry
• Tom Kirmayer
• Marie and George Meserole
• Anne and Dennis Papastathis
• Jane Eyre Repp
• Galen and Stuart Wells
• Rivka Deutsch In memory of Charles Wilhelm “Skip” With love from Jamie, Kristi, Rivka


The meeting house is still a simple, sturdy white building, 25 x 48 feet, with its original clapboard,  a tower in front, original tall pointed windows along the sides, lovingly restored inside  –  and crying out for outside painting and restoration.  You may pass it everyday as you drive along West Norwalk Road.  When you do, think about helping to maintain this historic building.

Board of Directors
• Sarah Kline – President
• David Stonehill – Treasurer
• Carol Aikenhead – Secretary



Come visit us here! 

The Meeting House is the perfect place to host your next party or event. The Meeting House has had new interior renovations and a new furnace installed.

There is ample room for a live band and group of 65, complete with full kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Parking along West Norwalk Road has never posed a problem to neighbors or the city. Your rental will help support the preservation of this historic gem in West Norwalk.